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At Martins Tool Hire we understand better than most that often the hardest part of hiring plant and machinery is deciding what piece of equipment you need to use!

That's why we have come up with this handy section where we can run through the most common DIY jobs and recommend "the right tool for the right job" 

Nothing makes a job easier than finding the correct piece of equipment, the market is full of new gadgets when you need an old faithful and conversely new products that can save hours of work compared with older machines.

If you want some advice on your DIY project, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirement and offer you our expert advice. We can even visit your home or site if you wish before offering you a no obligation quote.



Most tumble dryers purchased in the UK today require an outlet hose. These need to have access through the exterior wall of your property.

Martins Tool hire are stockists of diamond core drills. This simple drilling concept works by drilling a long pilot hole through the brickwork before fitting a diamond core bit (various sizes available) and drilling the correct sized hole through the wall in one go with access only required from one side of the property. 


Sometimes, if you're dealing with a small area, it can be more economical to lay a small patio yourselves. 

Whilst the task itself is straightforward there are some key pieces of plant which will make the process a lot easier. 

You will need a small cement mixer to mix up the cement for your slabs, you will need a compactor plate to prepare your surface for laying and you may also need a small excavator to dig out the area in question. A petrol cutter may be required to ensure your slabs fit neatly together.

All these pieces of equipment are available from Martins Tool Hire


A family pet may have caused havoc on your garden and you're desparate for your garden to look more like Centre Court?

There are numerous options, firstly the area needs to be dug up. depending on size this can be done with an excavator or a turf cutter. You should then use a rotovator to turn the soil over and prepare the ground for new turf. Once you have this in place you should compact it down using either a plate or a roller. Click on the relevant product for more information, pricing and specification. 


Perhaps you're just renewing the garden fence or replacing after wind damage. either way the panels are the easy bits, the posts will cause the problem. A powerful yet handheld concrete breaker from Martins Tool Hire with a hardened steel point and chisel will allow you to get close enough to the base with sufficient power to remove the stubborn post. Various sizes and choice of voltages are available. 



Perhaps you are doing some repairs to your roof or are assisting a roofer with the job? Not sure how you are going to get all those tiles up and down the ladder? Fear not, use the Mace Bumpa Hoist. Whilst it may seem expensive on the face of it, you will transport all of the tiles up and down from the roof in a matter of hours saving you time, effort and ensuring you don't suffer any nasty falls from the ladder!

Our customers, both trade and public, have had massive success with the Bumpa. Why don't you bump up your productivity this time? 

If you want any help or advice with these or any other project no matter how big or small, contact us today and we'll be happy to help!