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Sometimes things just break down... 

When you have a fleet as varied and substantial as ours it's inevitable that things will break down from time to time. You can also be sure that it will happen at the worst possible moment.

At Martins Tool Hire we take great pride in our ability to react to your needs and if that means getting your precious machinery back up and running at a moments notice then so be it.


Most breakdowns are caused by the same sort of problems. It may be a user error, it may be the use of the wrong type of fuel, it may have occurred in transit. We have come across all of these and can usually identify the fault quickly. For more information on these types of faults see our FAQs section. 


The most common cause of machinery breakdowns is poor servicing. The maintenance of your equipment is crucial in ensuring it maintains its reliability and maximises its life span. For more information visit our servicing page. 


So your equipment has let you down? Not only do you need it back up and running as soon as possible you will also need to finish the job you intended to use it for. We can help with that too. Martins Tool Hire is Basingstoke's leading independent hire outlet and we're confident we will have the right tool for the right job whilst we restore your equipment to its past glory.

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